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Special Insider Report...

The Amazing Success and Abundance Shortcut
Every Under-Paid and Stressed-Out Person Should Know...


Dear Friend,

If you want more money, success, and happiness very quickly, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read.

Here is why: my name is Ellard “Coach Ell” Thomas and, sometime ago, I was dead broke and living on the edge of hopelessness.


I lost my home in a painful divorce and my business went belly-up. I didn’t know what to do. Besides being broke and hurt, I was desperate.


So desperate that I went further into debt by buying all the latest make-money online courses and all of the "Law of Attraction" books that I could get my hands on. 




Depression and higher credit card bills...(ever been there?)


To recoup some of my financial losses, I got a J-O-B, which only added to my stress and unhappiness...

Then, one day, I came up with a “crazy idea” about how to short-cut the time it takes to bounce back from brokenness and financial destitution.



I made over $130,000, and now live my dream lifestyle.

I shared this secret with a few people like you who were struggling in their own life.

Some didn't believe me, but others thought I was onto something incredible.

Those who followed this shortcut made over six figures a year and found the happiness they’ve always wanted.

One stressed-out and over-worked mother of three had cut the amount of time she was working in half so she could spend more time with her kids.

And get this.

She made more money while working less hours with this shortcut and then bragged about how happy she was with her family and love life.


You could only imagine the impact that this shortcut was making in people’s lives.

Then, I thought to teach this to other people outside my sphere of influence.


And guess what?

The results were astonishing.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

  • “Coach Ell is really onto something here. I would’ve spent hours building a process like this. Thank you sir for putting this together” – Thomas D.

  • “If you’re looking for the shortcut to abundance, health, and happiness, you should really get Coach Ell’s report. Each step is designed to open you to a life you deserve.” – Jessica H.

  • “My financial life was topsy turvy to put it politely. Coach Ell suggested three types of money-making strategies. The one I chose required a $10 investment, and I’ve made well over $2,000/month.” –Kevin L.

  • "I read one of Coach Ell's other books, and had to take a shot on this. I don't understand how something so inexpensive could have so much value. Ell you're the best!" -- Clara M.

  • "This is an easy and short read. I'm using the meditation that Coach Ell suggested, and I have the clarity I need to see the value I really have. I can feel a change happening in me." -- Darius T.

  • "I had undergone a lot of relationship trauma. Coach Ell's insight under the Bonus Step has pushed me to be the best version of myself. Thank you so much sir." --Katie R. 

As you think about your undeniable wants and desires, don't you hate the deceptive practices that gurus use to sell you on something that ultimately doesn't work?

For example.

If you want more money, you don’t need to start a business.

You want a simple system, or a skill that makes you money easily, and doesn’t require a large investment or a lot of time to put in place. Right?



If you want happiness, you don't need to hire costly therapists or spend thousands on life coaches.


You want a proven strategy or a complete blue print to help get you there, right? you go!


The Personal Success Blueprint

hot item.jfif
personal success blueprint_edited.png
The Personal Success Blueprint is truly your shortcut and cheat sheet to removing your struggle with lack of money and unhappiness so you can live the life you want and deserve.

Inside this easy-to-read report is a step-by-step cheat sheet that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Here's a Sneak Peek of What's Inside.
  • Your daily meditation to attracting more money, new opportunities and more connections...
  • 3 best spiritual development tactics to increase your personal enlightenment and remove your fears...
  • 3 income building methods that makes you money within moments of getting started, not days or weeks...
  • 3 ways to immediately improve your health status, so you can become the envy of your friends and family...
  • The one trait all successful people use to live the life of their dreams...and how you can get the same results.
  • Bonus: Your master key to building happier and healthier relationships, so you can avoid emotional pitfalls.

"Who Needs The Personal Success Blueprint?"

Let's see if PSB is for you...
  • Are you tired of not living the life you deserve?
  • Would you like to finally avoid pestering bills?
  • Do you want to protect your family time from long workdays? 
  • Do you have a desire for something more out of life?
  • Need a legitimate solution to your financial struggles?
  • Want a life of peace and happiness? 
  • Tired of being scammed or lied to?
  • Just need a change from the monotony?
If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then the Personal Success Blueprint is for you.
Before you continue reading, let's pause for a moment.
It's important for you to understand the following fact.
It's not your fault that you haven't quite achieved the level of success and happiness you crave.
You should blame the garbage of information that has been thrown down your intellectual throat!
Thankfully, you're here today.
And yes, that's a good thing.
Here's why... 
You're about to be one of the 100,000 lives to be transformed this week!
And since you're here, you'll about to witness something crazy...
Instead of being charged hundreds of dollars for this shortcut, like those so-called gurus and scammers, you're on the receiving end of something special.
You see, I've achieved the life I've always wanted.
And like you, I know how much it sucks to live a miserable and unsatisfying life.
And, as you deserve more money, success and happiness in your life right now, you're moments from getting rewarded for being here today.
Why...because you earned it!
For a limited time only, you're getting immediate access to the Personal Success Blueprint for 90% off, which makes your investment today a ridiculously low price of $7. 
Crazy, right? (where else can you find something so life-changing and impactful for this price?)
And if you get it now, you're going to receive some exclusive bonuses, just to make sure you're proud of your decision today.


The complete instructional video and ebook collection used by some of today's most successful people. Over 2,000 downloads daily

success principles.png
2000 downloads.jpg


This powerful guide will help you attract happiness and success by the use of visualization! Used by some of the most famous athletes and celebrities!

success visualization.png

That's nearly $300 of Life-Changing Bonuses


At this moment, you're at a crossroads.

Will you continue to waste time and money on the same ol' things? more of your hard-earned money over to scammers who just take your money and run?

...continuing to put your success and happiness on hold rather than living your best life? an unfulfilling lifestyle that you know is beneath you?

Or, will you make today the day that you achieve everything you want and desire?

...more money, more success and more happiness!

Get the Personal Success Blueprint and start shortcutting and cheating your way to abundance, health and happiness.

personal success blueprint_edited.png
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To your success and happiness,

Ellard "Coach Ell" Thomas, MBA

Certified Life Coach & Author

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