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Pursue Your Joy: 7 Steps to Achieving Success and Happiness in Life

Are you looking for the keys to being successful? Ever wondered what it takes to step into the world of non-ending success? At work? In business? At home?

Believe it or not, the desire to be successful in life is normal. Yet, for some reason, some people struggle with reaching their idea level of success. We're here to help you!

In this article you will learn the steps you need to take to be successful personally and professionally. Afterwards, you'll have a blueprint to follow so that your life is a magnet of success.

To jumpstart your path to achieving success in your life, you should watch the webinar below as well as read the rest of this article. It features internationally-selling author and motivational speaker Ellard Thomas.

Table of Contents

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What is Success in Life

In order to understand what success in life is, you must first understand how success is defined. According to very popular online dictionary, success is, "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose."

Wikipedia on the other hand, defines success as, "the state or condition of meeting defined range of may be viewed as the opposite of failure...the criteria of success depend on the context, and may be relative to a particular observer or belief system."

As you to look at the two definitions of success, I'd like to add another--perhaps much simpler. In my words, success is, "an individual's ability to living life as they desire, unstrained by fear, doubt and reluctance...a life as God intended!"

Regardless of the definition of success you use, just know that you're fully capable of achieving the success you desire and deserve. And if that wasn't enough to motivate you, know that God wants you to succeed too--probably more than you want it. Proverbs 16:3 says, "commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed."

As you can see, your success is both yours and God's desire. So success in life is nothing more than you walking in your purpose and seeing your vision to completion. And despite what obstacles that are in your way, they're not enough to stop you.

The Success Way

The way of success (or the success way) is essentially a method that's used for improving your chances at being successful. It's a systematic approach by which you achieve rapid results. The majority of the people you see as successful use this method, and it can work for you too.

Why the Success Way (or Way of Success)?

If you have a trusted system, then you can explore and experiment with a high rate of speed and skill in a more reliable and sustainable way. This means you can learn at a faster pace and enjoy a higher level of success. And as a result, you can reduce or end the amount of pain and agony that comes with trying and failing.

The Success Way: 7 Steps to Achieving Success in Life

If you'd like a faster way to achieve the vision or purpose you're pursuing, then follow the framework of the success way. By leveraging these steps, you will finally get the results you've been looking for to live a successful life.

Step 1: Envision Your Future

In this step, imagine what your world of success is. Think about what your life would be like by accomplishing your goals, tasks and dreams. Additionally, as you're building the foundation for the rest of the framework, ask yourself, "What will success look like?"

As with the foundation of anything of beauty, this step is the most important one. This stage is about you painting a vivid picture of the future you desire with enough clarity and conviction that creates a burning desire within. Here you're stepping into your future and feeling what it would be like if you were to make this dream or vision a reality.

The key outcome, or result, for this step is a vivid mental model of your future. Your mental model is to guide your actions, thoughts, and feelings. The richer your mental model, the easier it will be to gain the resources or energy you need to turn your vision into its tangible form.

Perhaps the most important reason for gaining clarity in your mental model is to minimize internal conflict and increase alignment. If your mind heart, body and spirit want the same outcomes, then you have your entire being working together to achieve your ideal result. A fractured or conflicting self will prevent you from achieving the success you desire. Is every part of you in harmony? If not, then ensure your dreams and goals are tied to your overall purpose.

Step 2: Map Out Your Goals

In this step, you are to map out the goals that will inspire you. This is so, because your goals turn your vision or dreams into achievable steps and outcomes along the way.

State your goals as clear and easy wins. Suggestively, keep them simple and concise--to the point. To make sure you're on track, write down the wins you want to experience as simple one-liner statements. For example, "I've achieved________ and it feels great!"

By keeping your goals lightweight, you can easily evolve them as your picture of what success looks like starts to take form. Think of it as a picture slowly coming into focus!

Step 3: Model the Best Out There

In this step, you are to find the best stories, people and examples to model. This is a very powerful step because some of the world's top entrepreneurs, athletes, speakers, writers, investors and actors use modeling psychology to achieve the success they have in life.

Modeling means learning by copying the behavior of someone else. Modeling psychology however, means "purposely changing a behavior in order to improve your mindset" and achieve your dreams, goals or purpose.

Initially developed and introduced by Albert Bandura in the 1960s, modeling psychology has become the go-to psychology for people who want to advance and have success in life.

Step 4: Map Out the Potential and Possible Paths`

In this step, you are to map out the possible or potential paths to getting to your ideal results.

The key to this step is to identify, determine and explore possible strategies to achieve the results you want.

Aside from aspiration, the models you found in step 3 show you the different paths you can take to reach your goals.

To truly get the most out of this step, you should cast a wide net before looking down one particular path. By mapping out different paths, you can then compare and contrast the amount of time and effort that different paths lead to. You might discover that one path may take a week while another may take months to a year.

Take the time to review what you're looking to achieve and how much time are you willing to invest to get there. This step becomes more relevant once you complete this task.

Step 5: Set Tests for Success

The key to this step is to identify or set up tests that will help you determine when you are on well as if you're off track.

Having dreams, goals and purpose is one thing, but the goal here is to figure out if you're heading in the right direction.

Thus, having a short set of test cases helps you make your success criteria more explicit, which continues to sharpen your clarity and shape your actions.

Step 6: Test Your Results

This step is all about taking action. At this point you are to break down big goals and big wins into smaller goals and smaller wins.

The reason for this is simple. Most people can handle big goals only when they're broken down into small tasks. Makes sense, right?

The purpose behind testing your results is also to help you find the best paths forward. As you continue to take action, you may run into new opportunities, new doorways and new possibilities that will solidify your success. Be reminded that, "luck is when action and opportunity intersect." So, as you take action and test your results, you're simultaneously improving your "luck."

Step 7: Tweak Your Approach as Necessary

In this final step of the success way framework, you should tweak your approach based on the feedback you're getting from taking action. This is where your tests for success help you see whether you're getting nearer or further away from what you're seeking to accomplish.

To help determine the proximity to your goal, ask this very simple question: "Is it effective?" If the actions you take are not effective, then go back and review your models, find key insights, and tweak your approach.


As you will come to learn, when you take action you produce results. It doesn't matter what your dreams, goals or purpose is. Action is the driving force to achievement.

It's unfortunate that many people will read this article and will do nothing with the information, and, as a result, be off finding more information on achieving success in life...which they'll read and do nothing about once again. Do not be one of them. This isn't a behavior to model!

The key to success is about adopting key behaviors and following the steps that lead to your overall success. If you need read them again, you can here!

Top 3 Resources for Achieving Success in Life

If you are looking for additional ways to success (or success way) then reread this article and check out our highly recommended resources on simplifying the path to success. With the right resources and guidance, achieving success is easier if you have a blueprint to follow.

Defeating Goliath: Rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, this powerful book unveils key strategies to overcoming big problems and turning them into power. Thousands of people have used the principles in the book to achieve the success they've always wanted. Check it out here.

Dream Life Mastery: This course features Dr. Steve G. Jones, a clinical hypnotherapist who's discovered the secrets to creating your Dream Life. Once $80,000 in debt, he figured out how to overcome his own challenges and unlock the full potential of the human mind. On top of that, Steve invited his friends to share their expertise on Dream Life-building, so you'll also get to meet them in this course! Check it out here!

Ancient Secret of Kings: In this video, you will be introduced to the mindsets and strategies that ancient kings used to amass wealth and achieve envious lifestyles. Watch the video here!


Ellard Thomas is the founder of Power and Success Ministries, an organization that's dedicated to helping people with overcoming obstacles and achieving personal and professional success. If you're looking to get the results you want in life, join us online!


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