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Next Level Living: 7 Tips of Highly Successful People

Do you want to be a successful person? Do you truly want the key to success in life? Do you ever find yourself saying, “I want to be successful?”

If you’re looking to achieve the type of success you desire and deserve, you’re not alone.

Across the globe, millions of people are trying to figure out a way to be successful. They realize that they deserve a better life. They believe the place they are in life isn’t close to where they’d dream to be.

If you fall in to this category, do not be ashamed. In this article, we’ll make sure that you’ll have the guidance and principles that will help you to be a success in life—as you define it.

Watch: In this video, top motivational speaker Ellard Thomas of Power and Success Ministries reveals a key step of success in life--helping you to let go of people and circumstances that are standing in the way of a successful future.


What is Success to You?

Every individual who desires to be successful in life must identify what success means to them. Do you know how you define it?

According to one online medium, success is defined as, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”…”the favorable or desired outcome.”

Essentially, success means living the life you’ve always wanted to live—predicated on your purpose and dreams. That’s the key!

Most people, who desire to be a successful person in life, fail to define what success means to them. And as a result, they find themselves living an unfulfilling and unproductive life. You deserve much more, and it’s okay to desire more.

5 Types of Success that’s Possible to Achieve

As an extension to defining individual success, you must understand what types of success there are in life. By acknowledging the types that exist, you can begin creating strategies to achieving your own.

So, as you review the following list, which type of success do you wish to achieve in your own life?

Type # 1: Material Success

This type of success involves things that you desire to own or things you’d like to purchase. This includes:

· Cars

· Houses

· Clothes

· Jewelry

· Money

This type of success is a company achieve people strive for.

Type # 2: Emotional Success

This type of success refers to the way you feel and the way that things in life make you feel. Additionally, this type of success enhances your emotional state. This includes:

· Your general state of mind;

· Relationships;

· Self-esteem;

· Your personal outlook on life

Type # 3: Intellectual Success

The desire for intellectual success is about being challenged or learning something that will enhance your intellectual strength. This includes:

· School;

· Work;

· Understanding the world around you;

· Feeling pushed or challenged

Type #4: Spiritual Success

The majority of the success I achieved stemmed from how successful I have been spiritually. For myself and millions of others, spiritual development was the foundation of their overall achievements.

Spiritual success is about achieving a sense of a higher calling, religion and purpose. It’s the desire to build your relationship with God, or connecting with the God-force within you. This feeling includes:

· Having a sense of belonging;

· Having a sense of purpose;

· Feeling like you have a reason for doing what you’re doing;

· Understanding spiritual connections with others

I enjoy what Kimberly Fosu stated in an article: “Spiritual growth is about connecting with your soul and awakening it through meditation and mindfulness practices. It is through spiritual growth that you realize who you really are — your true self. Spirituality is not about adopting beliefs, it is about creating your own.”

This also includes building your own relationship with God, rather than be told by others on how to have one.

Type #5: Physical Success

The need to feel attractive is a desire that everyone has. We want to look good to ourselves as well as be admired or desired by others. And, for health reasons, we want to extend our lives too. For this reason, many people want to achieve physical success.

An article in HealthStatus states, “People who are physically fit are also healthier, are able to maintain their most optimum weight, and are also not prone to cardiac and other health problems. In order to maintain a relaxed state of mind, a person should be physically active. A person who is fit both physically and mentally is strong enough to face the ups and downs of life, and is not affected by drastic changes if they take place.”

A person who seeks physical success is seeking to:

· Feel good and look good;

· Prevent illness and disease;

· Have high energy levels

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve physical success. Besides, looking good and feeling good ensures you’ll be around long enough to enjoy your life.

Despite the type of success you’re looking to achieve in life, you must understand that it’s possible. If someone else can achieve it, so can you. As you pursue being a successful person in life, the following steps will guide you and ensure you achieve goals.

7 Steps to Becoming a Successful Person in Life

We only have one life. And in this one life, we have the option to accept where we are, or we can go after everything we desire. The key to success is to persevere and to be unrelenting. So, as you pursue the level of success you want in life, let these seven steps aid you in your quest.

Step #1: Define your success

Before you can become a successful person in life, you must first understand what it is you desire. Is it more money, fame, confidence, spirituality, to become a best-selling author, etc? The founding principle of success is to know what you desire.

Step #2: Know you have what it takes

One of my favorite scriptures is Luke 10:19 (KJV). It says, “Behold I give unto you the power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

I love this scripture because it reminds us that we have power and dominion over opposition. Serpents and scorpions are nothing but obstacles that try to kill your dreams and take away your shot at being successful. Yet, they’re no match for you!

Step #3: Visualize being successful

People who’ve amassed large quantities of success, in any area of their lives, first saw themselves there. They visualized success before it became a reality.

So, what is visualization?

Used by millions of successful people, visualization is the power to see yourself at the level you want to be at, before you get there. Author extraordinaire Jack Canfeld explains:

“Visualization—seeing the goal as already complete in your mind’s eye—is a core technique used by the world’s most successful people. Visualization is effective because it harnesses the power of our subconscious mind.”

When you’re in the state of visualization, you change your beliefs, assumptions and opinions about yourself. Additionally, visualization will help you to harness the 18 billion brain cells in your brain and get them focused on achieving a particular and purposeful direction.

Step 4: Model a successful person

A very powerful and commonly used method that successful people use is modeling psychology.

Modeling means learning to be successful by copying the behaviors of someone else. Thus modeling psychology, which is the method used by thousands of high achieving individuals, means purposely changing a particular behavior in order to adopt a successful mindset.

A significant key to success is to leveraging modeling psychology. This is done by identifying someone who has reached the level of success you desire and find out what their habits are. If you can, jot down their routine and attempt to enter a similar frame of mind. In the words of the mighty Tony Robbins, “Success leaves clues!”

Step 5: Create a personal success strategy

Habakkuk 2:3 reminds us of the importance of creating a strategy for our success. The scripture says, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

Any person who knows anything about success, knows that success is unattainable without an effective strategy. Strategies help you remain grounded and focused on achieving the level of success you want. It’s your game plan.

Think about a successful coach or person you admire. How do you think they acquired that position in life? By luck? Of course not. They created a strategy to support their ideal outcomes.

If you need help creating a personal success strategy, you can download an example here.

Step 6: Execute your plan

The key to an effective personal success plan is the ability to follow through on it. Without execution, your plan is useless. This is where you choose to take action or stay on the sidelines of life.

If you truly want to be a successful person in life, then you must be willing to take action. Action separates the dreamers from the doers. It’s where the rubber meets the road. Executing your personal success strategy says, “I am fully committed to achieving the life I desire and deserve.” And when you get to this level, then you have in your hand a tangible key to success.

Step 7: Go until you achieve

Are you aware the number of times it took for your most admired and successful people to reach their goals? I assure you it took more than once.

Many people who claim that they want success fall short because they lack fortitude and commitment. For some reason, they believe achieving success in life is an easy feat. It isn’t easy at all.

Let me tell you something to expect as your proceed down the path to claiming your success. There will be times that you’ll want to give up. There will be times when you'll look at your plan and want to rip it up. Temporary defeat is inevitable, but not permanent.

So, with that being said, keep going. Through the anguish, keep going. Through the frustration, keep going. Through the uncertainty, keep going.

You must come to understand that you are more resilient than the challenges you face and more powerful than the roadblocks that stand between where you are and where you are headed. So, go until you achieve the level of success you desire and then you’ll be telling people how to be a successful person in life too!


Being a successful person in life is someone you deserve to be. Where ever you are—albeit socially, financially, physically, intellectually or emotionally—isn’t somewhere you have to stay.

At this moment, through the power of your own decision, you can achieve success like so many other people. Those who’ve walked the path of success before you are no different than you. They just wanted it bad enough not to quit. That being said, I pose this simple question: How bad do you want to be successful in your life? No need to say anything. Your actions will answer for you.

When God created you, He put everything you need to be successful in you. The courage. The dream. The desire. The aspiration. The power. All of these attributes reside within you. Now rise up and become the successful person you are destined and called to be.


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Ellard Thomas is an internationally-selling author, motivational speaker and the founder of Power and Success Ministries--an organization that's dedicated to helping people with living the life God intended for them. If you'd like to connect with us, please do so here. Also, if you found this article helpful, be sure to share it with your friends, family and colleagues.


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