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"Very insightful book that examines the human condition from a spiritual perspective. The author speaks to the doubts, fears, and negative circumstances that every person has faced in some time or another in a very personal manner. In the process, he provides revelation on how these events can be used to strengthen and empower you as you continue to grow and cultivate your relationship with God. I encourage anyone who is going thru a struggle of any kind to read this book. It will definitely give you a new outlook on the challenges you are facing and a new hope in your ability to overcome."

"Great Read!! It was like an anchor in a stormy sea. Reading it helped me understand that I am not alone in this fight called life. I am a champion and a warrior that can't and won't be thwarted. With determination, spiritual guidance, and acceptance of the greatness that's inside of every single person anything is possible."

"This book was truly inspirational. Not only did it force me to Identify my own personal Goliath, but gave me the tools in which to conquer it. The things we go thru in life can seem very daunting and at times despairing. I was shown that with the power of Faith and conviction anything can be achieved. Goliaths are out there everywhere waiting to destroy and cripple you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. By releasing your inner David, Your Goliath, whatever it might be, will be defeated."

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